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About Our Special Net

OSN is a vision...

...perhaps just a dream, perhaps limited, but it just may be valid.

It is to be a living room, or den, if you will.

In my universe, as times have changed and we have 'matured', families and associates become separated because of career, geography, technology, and so on. If your family is like mine, it is almost impossible to get everyone together at one place, at one time. Those large get-togethers at Granny's are just a pleasant memory... and traditions, knowledge, and history fade from reality as each generation establishes their lifestyles, the sluggish grey-cells of Senior Citizenship status not withstanding.

The evidence of lost family tree information is a good example. That's what some of this is about.

This becomes Our Special Net when, for example, Mel at Gean-ealogy.com can be contacted through OSN, or we meet new friends like Skip at the 26th NC.

We can swing on the ropes with #1Son at Trout Lodge in the Missouri Ozarks. We can find out just what the heck Kodaly in Colorado is, if the Princess of the Fort plays her magic flute through OSN and Sparkles2Rhythm.  We can share a cuppa Joe in New Jersey... see what's Rosie in Ontario...  Pat on Patricia in Buffalo... compare hands and feet with Dick 'n' Dee in Denver, (Ok, Aurora, but Aurora would have ruined the alliteration... . Actually, "Durora" would be more apt from the way the girls destroy Dick and me at pinochle and that other thing. Ever notice how we do more hand and foot complaining anyway, as we get older? I guess it's just in the cards.). Maybe even strike a few Sparks in Cincinnati and Burgin.

We can go back 150 years and visit with great-great Aunts, and other multi-great kin join in.

Oh yes, we can do an ego thing or two, also... have to be careful about that...

So welcome to Our Special Network.

About some things you'll find inside: (when we get 'em all there)

About Our Special Net Images

As of September 2008, there were over 2.5 Kpic on line, (over 6GB) at ourspecialnet.com...
with a backlog of many Kp's yet to process,... and more added to the queue weekly.

Hey! ... I just invented one o' them computer jargon thingies - KiloPictures! (That's 1000 images). Am I cool, or what?

Gean-ealogy.com  and  ChathamHistory.net

Yep, we're claiming some cousins as members of OSN. Whether they asked to be here or not. Tough, Mel , et.al.
We all got jeans in this network!

About Some Special Friends:

A whole bunch of special guys and gals who are preserving some of our country's heritage, that provided some 24 pages of historical letters and granted permission for use inside OSN:  Our friends at the 26th Regiment, North Carolina Troops.

There's more to come... including the Princess' educational site,  Sparkles2Rhythm.com ...
but you can't eat an elephant in one bite...

They'll arrive... stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, click here to:  Return to our Special Net!





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