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Indexing the Historical Documents

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These pages are not intended for casual viewing.

Some of the indexing files are very large.

For example, the Complete Linked Index is 4 MB

Much too large if you do not have a broadband internet connection.

We offer some simple alternatives below.


The Documents indexed in this sub-site are:

Memories of a Long Life Lucy Jane Gean (Jean) Williams (Lucy J. Williams)

The Civil War Letters of Jefferson B. Mansfield and Ann Gean Mansfield (Ann Cornelia Gean)

The History of the Mount Zion M. E. Church, South of Chatham County, North Carolina (Lucy J. Williams)

And a few references from Our Special Net: Images - Genealogy


The Indexes

The Documents are indexed collectively and generally for Names, Geography, Dates, Institutions, etc.

The Indexes are of 2 types:

Quick Looks

For quick reference and information only. A simple listing of references, with multiple references represented as a single item. There are no links on these pages.


The massive main indexes, with all the page links for the various entries. Very Large Files.

These are set up as tables- Search engines may not index phrases out of these tables, but may index single words.

The ORCA  spider used on OSN seems to have no problem with a phrase search from these tables.

These are the indexes for research and referencing.

There are alternatives below for local use of the complete linked index.



Alternatives: Designed to work from your computer with an active internet connection, the links will not work without internet access.

The Complete Main Index with all the references, and the individual topical indexes are available as compressed files.

Here are three alternatives: The first seems to be preferred by several people who have tested this idea.

1. On most browsers, you can open the zip file directly, just by clicking on it, and it will open very quickly, just follow your browser's instruction windows as they pop up. Quite simple, and quite fast. It then works as an 'online' page... don't worry, it's virus free. (CA Anti-virus 2007)

2. Download the zip file, unzip it at your leisure, and work from your computer

3. If you cannot open a zipped file, download the file as a self-opening "exe" file.

Follow your browser/computer instructions. You may get the usual security warnings. The files are 'safe'.


The Indexes

The Complete Index :    Indexed 3.7 MB suggest one of the Zips instead  Zip 60 kb     ZipExe 128 kb


Quick Look 80 kb     Indexed 465 kb    Zip 12 kb        ZipExe 80 kb

HISTORICAL REFERENCES: Locations, Geography, Institutions, Events, Misc.

Quick Look  100 kb     Indexed 1 MB     Zip 22 kb       ZipExe 90 kb


Indexed by Surname:    Quick Look 220 kb   Indexed 2 MB        Zip 32 kb    ZipExe 100 kb

First Name or nickname:    Quick Look 210 kb    Indexed 2.5 MB    Zip 36 kb    ZipExe 104 kb

No Surname, or Unspecified Persons:    Quick Look 70 kb       Indexed 270 kb    Zip 11 kb    ZipExe 80 kb

Complete List:    Quick Look (see specific 'quick-looks')    Indexed 2.1 MB      Zip 33 kb   ZipExe 100 kb