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William Polk Gean  A working timeline... (links in blue) backed up from the Gean-ealogy.com forums
(Albert Gean ((Jean) - Cynthia Harmon)
Orange / Chatham counties NC; Lafayette / Marshall counties MS

**From Melinda Mathis: "...(Rank) Private - Resided in Orange County where he enlisted at age 25, September 2, 1861. Present or accounted for through February, 1865." That is from "North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 A Roster" compiled by Weymouth T. Jordan Jr. Their company was known as the "Guards of Independence".

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07/06/06 Camp Fisher/Salem references updated.
07/20/06 Entries for 1858...minor corrections.
07/31/06 Entry for 1860 Orange Co.
08/04/06 Info re: Gulf Road property in Chatham County (1858-1874)
09/17/06 Info re: Civil War Years
10/22/06 Additional Entries for 1851 and 1865
12/31/06 Just couldn't resist inserting THE CANNONBALL, that infamous toe masher of our childhood years in the Sparks Family...
08/06/07 updating, property et.al.


Nailed down a bit more on Camp Fisher... see original posting above:
Images are linked to larger sizes
Camp Fisher Historical Marker

Original here: http://www.geocities.com/dfloyd2292/guilford/campfisher.html

Large version here: http://www.ourspecialnet.com/gallery/1637036/1/79907137/Large

Which places the camp somewhere in this area of High Point:
Guilford NC map extract: Camp Fisher location
Which now locates William Polk Gean, in 1861,
almost exactly between whichever Salem
that Lucretia may have been "born near"
(17 miles, more or less, each way!)
High Point map cutout: High Point related to 2 Salems...
No, this doesn't prove he met her then,
but maybe this narrows the search area for Lucretia Catherine (Yates, Bales, or ?)

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Regarding the Gulf Road Property....

Some thoughts:

From: Lucy Jane Gean William's "Memories of a Long Life" page 16
"Well, J. B. Mansfield had moved up to a place he had bargained to buy,
where brother William built on, as he could not get any land adjoining.
He rented my place for five years, he and family moving there.
He died ere the five years were out, but he made good while he was there."

Ref: http://www.ourspecial.net/geanmisc/jeanchatdeeds.htm

Now, time travel to 1868:

BUT... it isn't until

Now, Lucy's statement seems clearer to me, at least. JB Mansfield died Oct 23, 1883. Mansfield and family probably were living in William Polk Gean's house, renting the property, with perhaps an "agreement to purchase", from Lucy, the current owner, from 1878 until his death. Lucy does not say specifically how long Ann and family remained there, until they moved to Durham. Lucy goes on to say, that her sister Sally (Sarah Gean -- widow of James Johnson) and four boys moved into the house.

August 5, 2007 The Chatham Property Updating and speculating from new information (and insight)...

1865- July  Lucy's last note regarding Mt. Zion prior to being "out of NC" from 1866??? Note that Civil War troops just returning???

1865 July(?)-1866 July(?) William living with his sister Lucy Jane Gean (Jean) while Lucy taught at Moore's Schoolhouse http://www.ourspecial.net/moll/pages/p26.htm

maybe living there while he was building his house? House completed in 1866???

1866 - 1868 Apr 1 (?) Lucy Jane Gean (Williams) out of N.C.? http://ourspecial.net/zion/pages/page31.htm

1868 Apr 15 William "sells" the property to Lucy for $600.

1868-1869 Lucy teaching in Moore County http://ourspecial.net/zion/pages/page29.htm

1874 Sept 5 Transfer of Gulf-Road property to Lucy is "proven" in probate court. Albert makes sure Lucy has the property put in her name...Witnesses were Baxter and Abner Johnson-  http://www.ourspecial.net/moll/pages/p26.htm

1877 April 5    Albert Jean dies...

                     below from   http://ourspecial.net/moll/pages/p16.htm

1878-    J. B. Mansfield, Ann, and family were living "in the house that brother William built?" with "?an option to buy?"

1880-    James Johnson (Sally Gean's husband) dies.

1880-    Lucy living with sister Lydia M. (Gean) Crutchfield... Sister "Maggie"

1881-    Sally and 4 boys living in the Spring House  

1881-    1st and only mention of Savannah and Emily Williams** in the Mt. Zion history http://ourspecial.net/zion/pages/page33.htm

1881-    Christmas- approximately the last Sunday School entry by Lucy, for the Mt. Zion History....hmmm.

1883 Oct 23    J. B. Mansfield dies. No sale.

1884-    Ann and family stay on awhile.

1884- (?) Thomas W. Mansfield (JB/Ann's son) given license to preach  http://ourspecial.net/zion/pages/page29.htm

                Sister Ann and remaining family move to Durham? http://ourspecial.net/moll/pages/p16.htm

                Sister Sally and boys move to the Mansfield (William P. Gean) house.

So... what's going on in the Spring House in 1884, after Sally's family moves to Wm's?

John Williams appears on deed sheets...Williams had at least 2 daughters** ....http://ourspecial.net/moll/pages/p30.htm

1884 November 14    John L. and Lucy J. Williams take out a 1 year mortgage note from George W. Wynne. $65 Chatham County

1888 April 24             John L. and Lucy J. Williams take second one year note on property from C. H. Belvin (Beloir?) in Wake. $50

1888 April 26            The 1884 Wynne Note paid in full.

1888 April 26?            Lucy was "examined" separated and apart from John, by W. E. Haywood, J.P. in Wake County.

1889 April 24- Belvin (Beloir?) note is due....When is the Belvin note paid????

John Williams vanishes into oblivion after April 26 1888?

1892                            Lucy’s lonesome letter to Wm P Gean  in MS.

1902 November 20        Lucy deeds land to  Henry and Wilbur Mansfield... reserves 20 acres including the "Spring House" for herself...



Original thoughts in 2006:
Some thoughts / speculation that came to mind:
1. Sarah was living 'by the spring'... on the same land that Lucy had acquired.
2. ? Did William Polk Gean move to Lafayette/Marshall Co. Mississippi in last half of 1868? At least out of NC?

                August 2006:   
3. Is this when he hooked up with Lucretia... hmmm. Maybe Her connections/family were the reason for the move? Maybe we're looking in the wrong state for her?
4. Lucy has her maiden name on the 1868 property transfer. Implication is she married John Williams after 1868.
5. ? William had this on a 10 year note, and it was due, and he didn't have the money, so he sold it to Lucy, and she took it over?? (April 15/16 -- 10 yr time span) "refinancing" it for 5 years, and having it cleared in 1874? Would that be a "Probate" issue?
6. The sale was 'proven in probate court' in 1874...
7. ? My first thought is that this was because a debt was still owed to to Isaac T. Brooks on the mortgage from 10 years previous, and this was his estate probate... but I cannot find a date for his death. (The middle initial is probably "Terrill")
8. ? A second, more interesting thought, is that this may have had to do with John Williams...
- - If Lucy married him between 1868-1874, did he die in 1873-4? and this was his estate in probate? (Her property, vrs his).
- - Or may hint that she married Williams after 1874....
9. What other estate would have been in Probate, in 1874, that this could relate to????

   E. Fudd, “Be veawy veawy qwiute! We ah hunting wabbits!”

Michael Gean Sparks 2007

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Addenda resources:

From email -Melinda Mathis; July 9, 2007:

...here are a couple of things you can add to the working timeline (just more info on Lucy) -
She married her husband between the 1880 census and Nov 1884.  In 1880, she is living in Chatham Co., NC and her brother-in-law Henry Crutchfield is listed as the head of the household (she is living with her sister Lydia Margaret "Maggie"...who she appears with in most other census until her death, although Lucy is listed as the head of household after 1880). 
I found the following information in Chatham Co., NC Deed Records -
So, it looks like maybe her husband was from Wake Co., NC - it is going to be hard to figure him out, since he married her after 1880 & was deceased by the next available census in 1900, I don't even have any idea how old he was...and there are probably about 50 John Williams' in the Chatham/Wake/Moore county area. 
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