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Memories of a Long LifeLucy Jane Jean (Gean) WIlliuams

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 Written about 1929, Memories of a Long Life is a vignette of life

in North Carolina from about 1840 to 1929.


Lucy Jane Williams, (1840-1934) was born in Chatham County North Carolina, a daughter of Albert Jean (Gean) and Cynthia Harmon. "I do want to write a little of my life..." she writes.

The pages published here were transcribed in November 2005 by Mary Jane Sparks, from 2nd or 3rd generation photocopies transmitted to me by Melinda Harman Mathis, the amiable hostess at Gean-ealogy.com, and the "Kousins" research site.  Melinda received a photocopy of "Memories" in 1991 from Merry Alpha Gean (Gardner)-(Downs), a grand-daughter of Lucy's brother, William Polk GeanA source for an original printing is presently unknown. Perhaps, with this publication, one can be located, and the holder will have other valuable historical information to share. The pagination is identical to the original, but line space and typeface are not.

Scans of the photocopies are posted at Our Special Net Images:  Lucy Jane Gean Williams

Also at that location are some personal letters written by Lucy.

Lucy was the sister of Ann Cornelia Gean, who married Jefferson B. Mansfield.  Perhaps complementary to Lucy's book, are the Civil War letters of  Ann and J.B. Mansfield, re-published on Our Special Net: 

 The Jefferson B. Mansfield Letters  were printed in 1995-1996, and used with the permission of the publisher.

Lucy's History of the Mount Zion M.E. Church, South written in 1928,  is a valuable adjunct to Memories.

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From the Frontispiece Image Lucy Jane Gean Williams    Parents of Lucy Jane Gean Williams, Albert and Cynthia Jean

Images from the photocopied frontispiece and last pages.

Michael Gean Sparks

September 2006                             

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