Date Grantor Grantee Witness Deed Location Comments/Land Location
12/7/1773 Jacob Flowers, Jr. of Orange Co. John Daniel, Jr.   Vol. G, page 293 N. Side of Cubb Creek - 450 Acres by estimation - for 145 pounds - bounded by the north by Nicholas Quensenberry & on the east by John Quensenberry, being a tract of land granted originally to Mark Morgan, Snr., adjoins Morgans corner - Witt:  Mark Fann & Martha Daniel - Signed Jacob Flowers, Junr. - proven Aug Session 1794
27 Nov ?? Joseph Benton of Deep River in Chatham Co. William Daniel Edw. Griffin, Connor Norwd & John ?? Vol. A, page 370 Indian Creek on the North side of Deep River - 270 Acres more or less - 142 pounds - this indenture made at Deep River in the province of NC - beginning at the mouth of Indian Creek, along the creek, along Nathaniel Powell (?) line, Thomas Smiths line - Signed Joseph Benton & Mary Eliza Benton by her mark - Proven by oath of Edward Griffin Aug 1774 Term
8/19/1779 Land Grant Phillip Jane Book 36, page 428 South Side of Lick Creek - 200 Acres - Entry date 19 Aug 1779, and issue date 31 Mar 1780 - Grant #249

Archibald Cain

 & his wife Patty

Elisha Cain William Poe, William Cain & Arthur Hood (Wood?) Vol. B, page 341-342 Little White Oak (?) - 375 Acres surveyed 2 Sept 1775 - 2,000 lbs. - tract of land on the waters of Little White Oak, crosses creek - Proven on oath of Wm. Poe May 1780
8/20/1779 Land Grant,   No. 132 Joseph Yarborough Vol. B, page 358 Bush Creek - 207 Acres - on Bush Creek of the waters of Cape Fear - adjoins Henry Brazells upper corner, Nicholas Partridges line, crosses Bush Creek, Shepherds line, Shepherds corner, Drakes line, Drakes corner, Patridges corner
9/1/1779 Richard Daniel Gillum Daniel M.D. Daniele, Sara Daniell Senr. & Sary Daniell Junr. Vol. B, page 365-366 West side of New Hope Creek - 120 Acres more or less - 200 pounds - borders said creek - signed M.D. Daniele Jur. (Junr or Jurat?), Sara Daniell Senr by her mark, and Sary Daniell Junr. By her mark
3/13/1780 Land Grant ,  No. 480 Isham Daniel Vol. C, page 516 Goffs Creek on the waters of the Cape Fear - 250 Acres more or less -  Beginning at Burrell Williams line, borders the road that leeds to Brasswells Ferry, borders Avents line - entered 13 Mar 1780
3/31/1780 Land Grant,    No. 373 Elisha Cain Vol. C, page 271 Beaver Creek - 350 Acres - on great Beaver creek - beginning at northside on the Wake Co. line, crosses Beaver Creek
4/1/1780 Land Grant,   No. 492 Marmaduke Daniel Vol. C, page 32 Preses (?) Creek - 640 Acres - beginning at county line of Orange & Chatham on the water of Preses (?) Creek - borders Myricks line, Myricks corner, "his own line" and "his own corner" and John Ledbetter
10/23/1782 Land Grant,   No. 659 Isham Daniel Vol. C, page 516-517 Goffs Creek of the waters of Cape Fear - 640 Acres - on both sides of the creek - beginning at Williams' line - entered 23 Oct 1782
10/23/1782 Land Grant,   No. 587 George Daniell Vol. B, page 428 Indian Creek on waters of Deep River - 320 Acres - borders William Barbers line and corner, borders said creek - entered 23 Oct 1782
1783 Phillip Brantley John Kirk Jos. Brantley & William Brantley Vol. C, page 326 Tichland (?) Creek - 580 Acres more or less - 100 pounds - land and plantation lying in Chatham on Tichland (?) Creek, adjoins Joseph Kirks line, John Brantleys corner, and Kirks line - proven by oath of William Brantley 6 Aug 1784
3/20/1784 Benjamin Brantley Thomas Ragland Jos. Brantley & Robt. Wallace Vol. C, page 213 S. side of Deep River - 100 pounds for tract of land on south side of Deep River - proven by oath of Joseph Brantley May 1784 Term
5/10/1784 Stephen Daniell, adminstrator & Margaret Daniell Dominstratic of the estate of George Daniel - both of the county of Bladen in NC William Daniell Masters Hankins, Thos. Boon & Judy Barnhill (?) Vol. C, page 280 Indian Creek on the waters of Deep River - 320 Acres - $300 - William Daniell paid George Daniell, dec'd $300, before George Daniells death and before George Daniell could convey the land to William Daniell - Stephen Daniell & Margaret Daniell confim unto William Daniell a track of land in Chatham on the waters of Deep River - beginning at William Barbers upper corner - Wit: Masters Hankins, Thos. "B" Boon (by his mark) and ?? Barnhill by his mark - Signed Steph. Daniell & Margaret Daniell - Proven on the oath of Masters Hankins Nov Term 1784 
11/1/1784 Land Grant,  No. 680 Marmaduke Daniel Vol. C, page 513 Brushey Branch Waters of the Haw River - 100 Acres - adjoins John Browns corner and Jesse Buckners line - entered 1 Nov 1784
2/13/1785 Littleton Daniel Isham Daniel Parrish Cross & Thomas Williams Vol. P, page 143 $220 - sale of negro wench named Aga about 14 years old - Proven Feb Session 1808
2/15/1785 Benjamin Brantley William Hobson William Brantley & J?? Jones Vol. C, page 431 N. fork of Rockey River - 195 Acres more or less - 14 pounds - adjoins Moses Williams corner, crosses Rockey River, adjoins Joseph Deans line, land was granted to Benjamin Brantley 1 Nov 1784 - proven Feb Session 1785
5/12/1785 Benjamin Brantley Joseph Kirk J. Seart?? Jones & Josiah Rogers Vol. D, page 116-117 N. Side of Rocky River - 400 acres more or less - 30 pounds - tract of land obtained by said Brantley 1 Nov 1784, No. 710 - proven May Term 1785
3/17/1786 Thomas & Henry Seymore David Whicker Wm. Pattishall, James Grisham & Henry Henderson Vol. D, page 121-122 Lick Creek - 200 Acres more or less - 50 lbs - on the Reedy Fork of Lick Creek - it being granted to Joseph Johnston Senr. - adjoins Thos. Whickers line now and William Pattishalls - Proven by William Patishall Aug Term 1786
3/29/1786 Benjamin Brantley Thomas Brewer W. Brantley & Jos. Brantley Vol. D, page 519-520 S. side of Deep River - 300 acres more or less - 100 pounds - S. side of Deep River, beginning at mouth of the Spring Branch, adjoins Raglands corner - Proven Nov 1788 session
4/8/1786 John Avent William Ragland Frederick Ragland,  & Thomas Ragland Vol. O, page 297 Northwest side of Cape Fair River - 13 Acres more or less - 50 lbs - along the river bank - Proven by oath of Thomas Ragland Feb 1807 Session
11/13/1787 Isom Daniel Jesse Jeane & Jesse Daniel Burrell Williams Vol. D, page 368-369 Goofs Creek - on the Goffs Creek on the waters of the Cape Fear - 250 Acres more or less - for current money, but not stated how much ? - Beginning at Burrell Williams line, borders the road that leeds to Brasswell Ferry, borders Avents line - Proven Nov 1787 Term
7/10/1788 Land Grant,    No. 892 Nathan Byrd Vol. D, page 599 South side of Rocky River - 100 Acres (50 shillings per 100 acres) - adjoins Patisquels line, river line
8/13/1788 Mial Scurlock Lewis Kirk Wm. Douglas & Geo. Gee Vol. G, page 236-237 Lot of Land #55, 8 lbs - lot fronts 105', agreeable to a plan of the town laid off on the lands purchased of Wm. Petty by the trustees appt. to lay town on the lands of Mial Scurlock, dec'd - Proven May 1794
12/21/1789 James Avent of the county of Lankerster & state of  SC William Readin John Avent, Thos. Griffis & William Ragland Vol. E, page 43-44 320 Acres more or less - 200 lbs - along Wm. Raglands line - Proven on oath of John Avent & William Ragland May 1790 Session
1790 William Avent Jesse Jean Jesse Daniel ????? References in Chatham Co., NC Court of Pleas, but I have yet to find in the deed books.
8/10/1790 Roger Griffith Thomas Stokes Zach. Harman & John Kimbil Vol. E, page 94-95 Little Lick Creek & South side of Cape Fear - 250 Acres more or less - 40 lbs - land purchased from sheriff & was formerly the property of Benj. Walker & where James Pool no lives - Proven Nov 1790 Session
9 July ? William Avent Thomas Stokes T. Brewer & John Kimbel Vol. E, page 101-102 150 Acres more or less - 10 lbs - adjoins Joseph Hintons line, Joseph Avents old line, Benja. Walker's corner, Wickers line - crosses the road to Fayetteville from Hillsboro, John Wickers line, Proven by oath of William Kimbel Nov Session 1790
10/25/1790 Gilliam Daniel William Ledbetter David Sellars Vol. F, page 81 West side of New Hope Creek - 120 Acres more or less - 62 lbs. 10 shillings and ? Pence - west side of New Hope Creek at the mouth of a small ?? - adjoins John Stately's corner - Proven Nov 1791 Session
11/8/1790 Richard Cates H. Lewis Lutterloh Thomas West & Phil West Vol. G, page 33-34 Haw River - 1 Acre - 3 lbs. - tract of land in Chatham, part of an Island in Haw River - Proven by oath of Phil West May 1793
7/13/1794 Joseph Yarbrough Nathan Yarbrough Wm. Finley & Henry Partridge Vol. G, page 290-291 S. side of Cape Fear & S. Side of Bush Creek - 100 acres more or less - 50 pounds - adjoins Braswells corner and Busk Creek.  Part of a tract granted to the said Joseph Yarborough by his Excellency Richard Caswell, Esqr. 20 Aug 1779 - Signed Joseph Yarbrough - Proven Aug Session 1794
8/28/1795 Land Grant,   No. 1249 Jesse Daniel Vol. L, page 358 Cape Fear - 250 Acres on the waters of Cape Fear, adjoins Braswells line
8/28/1795 Land Grant,    No. 1252 Nathan Yarbrough Vol. K, page 253 Bush Creek - 50 Acres - on the waters of Bush Creek, beginning at his corner, adjoins Parhams line and Dickins line
11/26/1795 Benjamin Wicker of Moore Co. William Avent Pleasant Whicker Vol. K, page 483-484 240 Acres - 6 lbs & 16 shillings - tract of land beginning at John Morris (?) corner, Coliers Corner - Proven by oath of Pleasant Whicker Feb 1800 Session
9/17/1796 Lewis Yarbro Joseph Brantley William Lasater & Thomas Braxton Vol. H, page 272 New Hope Creek, Rocky Branch & Haw River - 130 acres more or less - 75 pounds - beginning on New Hope Creek, adjoins John Ricketts line, Haw River at the mouth of the Rocky Branch, Benoms line, Mathis line, land purchased by Lewis Yarbro from Julus Coley
9/17/1796 Lewis Yarbro Joseph Brantley William Lasater & Thomas Braxton Vol. H, page 274-275 Newhope Creek - 130 Acres more or less - 75 lbs. - tract of land beginning at Newhope Creek - adjoins John Ricketts (? Ruketts? ) line, crosses along a parcel of marsh trees to Haw River, at the mout of the Rocky Branch down river to Binoms line, to Mathis line, as a deed from Julus Coley to the said Lewis Yarbro - Proven by oath of William Lasater Nov Session 1796
9/21/1796 William Avent Thomas Stokes Edmund Branch (?) & Mary Branch (?) Vol. H, page 335 S. Side of Deep River - 240 Acres more or less - 10 pounds - S. side of Deep River on the head branches of Shaddox's Creek - beginning at John Morris's corner, adjoins Stokes own line, his corner (Wm. Avent) - Proven by oath of Edmund Branch Feb Session 1797
10/17/1796 Land Grant,    No. 1283 Thomas Stokes Vol. H, page 318 Lick Creek - 134 Acres - on the waters of Lick Creek, beginning at a tree at Philip Jones's (could be Janes, but it looks more like Jones), on Archibald Browns line, along Hintons line
10/17/1796 Land Grant,    No. 1284 Thomas Stokes Vol. H, page 316-317 Haw River - 134 Acres - on the Haw River, adjoining a pine on Joseph Johnstons corner, adjoins his own line, Johnstons line, Drakes line, Joseph Crumps line
10/17/1796 Land Grant,    No. 1285 Thomas Stokes Vol. H, page 317 Deep River - 35 Acres - on Deep River, adjoins Richard Drakes & Thomas Evans' dividing line, across the river, adjoins Ramsey's line
10/17/1796 Land Grant,      No. 1286 Thomas Stokes Vol. H, page 315-316 Lick Creek - 95 Acres - on Lick Creek, beginning at a pine on his corner, adjoins Henry Colliers line
10/17/1796 Land Grant,    No. 1287 Thomas Stokes Vol. H, page 318-319 Lick Creek - 330 Acres - on the waters of Lick Creek, beginning at a pine on David Parrishes line, adjoins Richard Bohannons line, Gunters line, Thomas Wickers line
10/17/1796 Land Grant,    No. 1288 Thomas Stokes Vol. H, page 319-320 Cape Fear - 16 1/2 Acres - on the waters of Cape Fear beginning at a pine on his corner, on Jesse Daniels line, to a gum on Burwell Williams line, to a post on Isham Daniels line
2/2/1797 Thomas Sherrod of Franklin Co., NC Littleton Daniel Doctor Colhier, J. Denson, John Ransom & W. Fulter Vol. M, page 120 Sale of Slave named Jacob for 60 lbs - Proven in open court Aug 1803 session
8/14/1797 William Jean of Orange Co. Julian Avent William Avent & John Parker Vol. J, page 328 North Side of Lick Creek - 200 Acres - to Julian Avent (a woman), but his mother Mourning Jean was given the right to live there the rest of her life - borders Archibald Brown, Hintons line - proven by William Avent May session 1798 - sold for 75 pds.
1/13/1798 Joseph Brantley, Snr. Lewis & Elisha Mathews Johh Petty Vol. J, page 253 S. Side of Deep River - 250 Acres more or less - for 50 pounds, Joseph Brantley Snr. sells his right of dower or indenture he holds in right of his wife to Lewis & Elisha Mathews - a tract of land on South side of Deep River of which Charles Mathews died seized & possesed of - his wife's name is (or was?) Jane Brantley - Proven Feb 1798 Session 
10/15/1798 Hardy Cain & Polly his wife Ignatious Simons E. Cain, John Simmons & Absalom Cain Vol. K, page 74 Newhope Creek - 222 Acres - 230 lbs - on waters of Newhope Creek - conveyed 13 Aug 1755 & one other tract adjoining said tract containing 150 Acres more or less which adjoins Johnston's onld line & Cookers line - Proven by Hardy Cain & his wife Polly Nov 1798 Session
4/27/1799 William Parham Lewis Parham Francis Parham & Benjamin Spivy Vol. K, page 417 Bush Creek - 100 Acres more or less - $175 - tract of land on the waters of Bush Creek, beginning at a pine on Jo. Yarbro west line, to a Spanish oak at or near the Cumberland Co. line - Proven by Francis Parham Aug 1799
5/13/1799 Masting Cheek Thomas Snipes John Snipes & Francis Willis Vol. K, page 229-230 Tyrels Creek - 37 Acres - $60 - lying on Tyrels Creek on waters of Haw River, beginning at a post oak in said Snipes' corner, a tract of land purchased of Hartwell Cheek, borders Anthony Pilkington, Thomas Browns line, Fearingtons line - Proven by oath of Francis Willis May 1799
10/23/1799 Isaac Mathews (signed Mathis) Benjamin Rush of Franklin Co. Thos. Stokes & John Warthy Vol. K, page 515-516 Cape Fear - 640 Acres more or less - $2,000 - tract of land on south side of Cape Fear River - adjoins Stokes' corner, river, Stokes' line, to little Lick Creek, then meanders with creek to Stokes' corner, adjoins Ropers (Rossers?) line, Mathews old line, tract just above present ferry landing of Avents - Proven by Thomas Stokes Nov Term 1799
12/24/1799 John Avent William Avent Thos. Stokes & William Fields Vol. L, page 91 Cape Fear - 594 3/4 Acres - for the natural love I bear my son William, all of my lands I now own in Chatham, lying on both sides of the Cape Fear River, including the Ferry on said River, to his son William Avent after "my & my wifes death" - Proven by Wm. Fields Feb Session 1800
5/3/1800 Elisha Cain William Cain Williamson Johnston, Cynthia Cain & Sally Cain Vol. L, page 71 White Oak Creek - 332 Acres - 130 lbs - tract of land on south side of White Oak Creek on the waters of Newhope, adjoins Mop's (Moss?) line - Proven by Elisha Cain the grantor May 1800
9/25/1800 Elizabeth Barham Jesse Daniel Littleton Daniel Vol. W, page 76 Elizabeth Barham to Jesse Daniel, both of Chatham, two negro children for $375 - Proven May Session 1819 by oath of Littleton Daniel
1/12/1802 David Chapman Francis Parham ("His") Thomas Williams Vol. M, page 36-37 Sale of Slave named Ben, about 24 years old, for $410
1/13/1802 Marmaduke Daniell Gillian Daniell James Bryant & Delitha Bryant Vol. N, page 136-138 Pricees (?) Creek - 490 Acres more or less - 500 lbs - on Pricees (?) Creek, beginning at county line, adjoins Myricks corner, Pearsons corner, and John Ledbetter - Proven by oath of James Bryant Aug 1803 Term
6/8/1802 Elisha Cain Williamson Johnson Jesse Horton, Cynthia Cain & William Cain Vol. N, page 490 New Hope Creek - 50 lbs - 100 Acres - tract of land on the waters of New Hope Creek, Williseses line, Rutherford former corner, Dempseys Branch - Proven on oath of William Cain Nov 1804
8/11/1803 Ann Yarbrough, Nathan Yarbrough, Joseph Yarbrough, Benjamin Yarbrough, Milly Yarbrough, Elisha Yarbrough & Oney Melton, formerly Oney Yarbrough - all being children of Joseph Yarbrough & Isiah Miers (?) Jeremiah Yarbrough, one of the children of the aforesaid Joseph Yarbrough Nancy Whilips (or Whiliss), Isaac Yarbrough & Allen Thomas Vol. N, page 255 South side of Cape Fear - For $1 to us in hand paid by said Jeremiah Yarbrough - tract of land south side of Cape Fear River and Northwest side of Bush Creek - it being a tract of land granted to Joseph Yarbraugh bearing the date 20 Aug 1779 - bounded by the lands of the Partridges, Ropers (Rossers?), and Roberts land - Proven by Nancy Whaless Feb 1804
8/20/1803 Elisha Cain, planter Christian Cain Wm. Fields Vol. N, page 245 For and in consideration for the love, good well & affection he bears towards his daugther Christian Cain - a negro named Simon - Proven by William Fields Feb 1804 Session
9/13/1803 Elisha Cain Absalim Cain Hogans & Jesse Markom (?) Vol. N, page 260 New Hope Creek - 262 Acres - for the love and good well he bares his son Absalim - parcel of land on the waters of New Hope Creek - adjoins Thos. Cyprete (? Cyperets??) corner, Rogers old line, Mark Pattersons old line - Proven Feb 1804
1/3/1804 Absalom Cain & wife Sealy (Celia) William Fields Francis Stone & Hardy Cain Vol. N, page 257-259 New Hope Creek - 262 Acres more or less - 100 lbs - parcel of land on the waters of New Hope Creek - adjoins Thos. Cyprises former corner, Rogers old line, Rogers old corner, Mark Pattersons old line, on Dempseys Branch, corner of Elisha Cains old line, along said Cains line - Proven Feb 1804
8/11/1804 Benjamin Yarbrough Nathan Yarbrough Hardy Wheless ( or Whelep?) & Jeremiah Yarbrough Vol. N, page 427 South side of Cape Fair River - 10 Acres more or less - $12 - south side of Cape Fair River on the waters of the mountain branch beginning at the county line and running east with the county line to said Nathan Yarbroughs corner - Proven by oath of Jeremiah Yarbrough Aug 1804 Term
10/10/1804 William Cain Thomas Womble of Isleawhite Co., state of VA John Richeson & Laurence Richeson Vol. N, page 517 Beaver Creek - 200 Acres - $400 - tract of land on the waters of beaver Creek, adjoins Rhodes line, Person corner, and Griffins corner - Proven Nov 1804 Term
10/10/1804 William Cain Thomas Womble "in" county of Isleawhite, state of VA John Richeson & Laurence Richeson Vol. N, page 538-539 Beaver Creek - 134 Acres - $264 - tract of land on the waters of big Beaver Creek on the north side of said creek - adjoins Moses line, Moses corner - Proven Nov 1804
2/11/1805 James Semore Thomas Brinkley John Caudle & Lusa (Susa?) Lasater Vol. O, page 123 James Semore of Chatham do bind my self and my heirs or assign in the ? Sum of 1000 Spanish Mill Dollars unto Thomas Brinkley - dated 11 Feb 1805 - the consideration of the above is such that the above bound James Seemore hath bargained sold & conveyed unto Thomas Brinkley all the claim right or title he has in a negro and interest and none by the name of Silve, which is the negro that was in possession of Solomon Seemore & wife at his decease.  Proven by oath of Susan Lasater Feb 1806 Term
5/20/1805 Fanny Cheek & Andrew White - Administrators of Philip Cheek, dec'd James Cheek of Moore Co. Jas. Collins & Wm. Wilson Vol. O, page 229-231 Philip Cheek was one of the sons & heirs of Robt. Cheek, dec'd & was entitiled to one eigth part - the heirs of Robert Cheek were Philip Cheek, Richard Cheek, James Cheek, Olive Cheek, Andrew White, Adam White & Nancy harring (?) - on 6 Oct 1801 they each posted a $100 bond and agreed to make a right and title to whomsoever might be the purchaser - James Cheek was the last & highest bidder for eights - in the whole 241 Acres on Tysons Creek of Deep River - Proven by oath of James Collins Aug 1806 Term
5/20/1805 Richard Cheek, Olive Cheek, Robert Davis & his wife Nancy, Andrew White & his wife Mary, Adam White & his wife Sarah of one part James Cheek of Moore Co. Jas. Collins, Jas. Shields & William Cheek Vol. O, page 342-344 241 Acres (the whole) For 250 lbs - the convey to James Cheek their share of a parcel of land in Chatham on Tyson's Creek the waters of Deep River, beginning at the Moore County line - they have 5/8ths part or shares of which land is hereby conveyed which is supposed to be 150 and 5/8ths acres more or less - the said Richard Cheek, Olive Cheek (female), Nancy Davis, Mary White & Sarah White are entitled to one eighths share each as heirs at law of the said Robert Cheek - Proven on oath of James Collins Aug 1806
8/29/1806 John Chaves Walden Isham Mann Frederick Man & Frank Chaves Vol. P, page 309 Bloody Creek - 150 Acres - 100 pounds - on the waters of Bloody Creek, borders Griffiths line, land granted to John Chaves Walden by Thomas Ragland, Sheriff in 1800
2/6/1807 Isham Daniel Litttleton Daniel John Stewart, David Stewart & J. Yarbrough Vol. O, page 289 For and in consideration for the natural love he bares his son Littleton Daniel - negro girl named Aggy - proven by oath of J. Yarbrough Feb 1807 Session
2/6/1807 Isham Daniel William Avent David Stewart, John Stewart & J. Yarbrough Vol. O, page 306-307 $100 - negro boy named Allen - Proven by oath of J. Yarbrough Feb 1807 Session
2/9/1807 Isham Daniel Elizabeth Hunter of Nash Co., NC J. Yarbrough & Eli Daniel Vol. O, page 280 For and in consideration for the natural love he bares his beloved daughter Elizabeth Hunter of Nash Co., a negro girl named Sall (?) - Proven by oath of Eli Daniel Feb 1807 Session
4/10/1808 William Glasson of Orange Co. Joseph Glasson Thos. Snimes, Samuel Glosson & Vol. P, page 205-206 60 Acres - $150 - one undivided seventh part of the tract of land which belonged to Joseph Glasson Snr, father of the said Joseph & William - on which Joseph Snr. Lived at before his death.  This being the full share of the said tract of land which descded to John Glasson, son of Joseph Glasson, dec'd - Proven by Thomas Snipes Nov 1808 Session
7/20/1808 Isham Daniel William Daniel (his grandson, and the son of Jesse Daniel) William Avent & Henry Maddon Vol. X, page 180 Isham Daniel of Chatham to his grandson William Daniel, son of Jesse Daniel of the same county - a negro girl named Cloe after his and his wife's death.  The said negro to remain in possession of Littleton Daniel until the said William reaches 21 years of age. - Proven Feb Session 1821 by oath of William Avent
6/2/1809 Robert T. Daniel & William Daniel of Wake Co., & George Daniel  of Granville Co. & William D. Shackelford of Middlesex Co., VA William H. Merritt Nat. Kimborough & Thos. W. Brown Vol. W, page 155-156 Tract of land in Chatham - 550 Acres - for $700 - bounded on the North by William Merrill (Merritt?), on the East by R. William Land, and adjoins Richard Williams line - Signed Robert T. Daniel; William Daniel by his atty Robt. T. Daniel; George Daniel by his atty. Robt. T. Daniel; William D. Schackelford by his atty. Robt. T. Daniel - Proven Nove 1819 Session
8/15/1809 Bartholomew Lightfoot, Esq. And Sheriff of Chatham Gillum Daniel Vol. P, page 349-351 Wilkinsons Creek - by virtue of execution issued by the county court against James Smith for 5 lbs and 4 pence, recovered by William Forsyth - Daniel was the highest bidder at auction with 5 lbs and 1 shilling - tract of land on Wilkinsons Creek, adjoins his line and Thomas Odems (?) corner - Registered at court Aug Session 1809
5/2/1810 Isham Daniel & William Avent Burwell Williams Thomas Williams Vol. R, page 23 Isham and Avent sell & deliver unto Burwell Williams a certain negro boy named Allen for $160 - proven on oath of Thomas Williams Nov Session 1810
8/14/1811 Isham Daniel Jesse Daniel & Littleton Daniel Parish Cross & Nathaniel Hinsley Vol. S, page 70 four negros (Agatha, Liddia, Cloe & Lewis) & their increase to Jesse Daniel & Littleton Daniel to be equally divided by them after my decease and my wife, for and in consideration of $250
8/14/1811 Jesse Daniel & Littleton Daniel Isaac Mathews Parish Cross Vol. S, page 71 Jesse Daniel & Littleton Daniel doth agree that if Isaac Mathews doth come and pay a ?? Part of the said money in 12 months from the date hereof, then Isaac Mathews will have an equal part of said negros (see deed before - book S, page 70) - Proven by oath of Parish Cross Aug Session 1811
12/9/1812 Land Grant Parish Cross Vol. V, page 364 Waters of Buckhorn - 72 Acres - on the waters of Buck horn adjoining the Cumberland Co. line, adjoins Andrew Dennis' line, crosses the county line, adjoins Burnetts corner - entered 9 Dec 1812 - Registered 17 Dec 1816
2/3/1813 Jesse Daniel & John Jean David Chapman, Snr.  & Deborah Chapman William Daniel & Turner (?) Chapman Vol. Y, page 60 On Goffs Creek on the waters of Cape Fear - 232 Acres - beginning at Thomas Williams line, borders the Aven line, and the road to Aven Ferry - proven on oath of William Daniel May session 1822 - 5 pds   
9/1813 Land Division of Thomas Stokes Vol. U, page 514-520 Chatham Co. Superior Court of Law - Petition of Jordan G. Stokes & Sylvanus Stokes, two of the heirs of Thos. Stokes, late of Chatham Co.  Thos. Stokes died in 1811, intestate, he was the father of the petitioners, when he died he left them and William Brittle Stokes, his three children surviving him.  William B. Stokes has since died, also intestate, and leaving one child Hannah Stokes.  She is an infant of tender years, and due in right to her dec'd father's portion.  She is without a guardian.  Thomas Stokes owned land in Chatham, Moore, Cumberland, Franklin & Orange Counties - The acreage & location of the land goes on for 5 pages, and is quite substantial.  He owned land on Lick Creek, Shaddon Creek, New Hope Creek, Bear Creek, S. Side of Deep River, Cape Fear River, Haw River, & much more.  A few of the people his land adjoined were John Ramsey, John Minter, Jesse Daniel, Joseph Brantley, the Parhams, Cottens and Archibald Brown - among those he obtained his land from were:  Joseph Brantley, Joseph Brantley Junr., Abner Hill, William Avent, John Ramse, and more!  - The final settlement was registered March 1815
4/4/1814 Littleton Daniel Jesse Daniel Thomas Springfield Vol. W, page 2 negro girl named Lydia
2nd ?? 1815 Thomas Lindley, planter John Jeans Aaron Andrews & David Lindly Vol. U, page 264 On Little Cane Creek - 20 Acres more or less - $20 - signed Thomas Lindly & Miriam Lindly - Proven by oath of David Lindly May 1816
9/2/1815 Thomas Lindley, planter John Jeans Aaron Andrew & David Lindly Vol. U, page 240 On Little Cane Creek - 250 Acres more or less - $480 - adjoins William Hadleys line - Signed Thomas Lindly & Miriam Lindly - Proven by oath of David Lindly May 1816 Term
2/7/1817 Martha Sanders Brittain Gross James Seamore & Thos. Clegg Vol. V, page 114 N. side of Deep River - 100 Acres more or less - for $200 - nearly opposite the mouth of Rocky River & bounded as follows:  Ben. Tidders(L? or S?) corner, Ramseys corner, James Seamores corner - Proven May Session 1818
2/7/1818 Robert T. Daniel William Daniel, William Ward & Parris Pearson of Wake Co. and Gillmore Upchurch of Chatham Joseph Small & Joseph Brantley Vol. V, page 30-31 for $1300 paid by Wm. Daniel, Ward, Pearson & Upchurch all the tract of lands where he now lives - bounded on the east by Wm. Yeates, south by Jesse Thrower, west by the widow Hilly and on the north by Joseph Barbee, beginning at a post oak on Jesse Thompson's corner - also borders widow Beasleys line and Eli Yeates corner - 300 acres more or less - Proven Feb 1818 Term
8/4/1818 Isham Daniel Jesse Daniel M. Hart & William Daniel Vol. V, page 236-237 Isham Daniel of Chatham & Jesse Daniel of Chatham - and in consideration of 20 shillings and more over for the natural love and affection I bear my son - tract of land lying in Chatham on the east side of Cape Fear on Goff Creek - containing by estimation 240 acres - no mention of neighbors or what it borders - proven Aug Session 1818 by oath of M. Hart
8/27/1818 William Buckner Bird Gean Jesse Crabb & Pelimp (??) Perry Vol. Z, page 311-312 South side of the Haw River - 520 acres more or less - for $1,000 - beginning at Buckners corner, thence up the river, borders Thomas Snipes corner, along Baldwins old line - Proven Feb 1825 Term
3/22/1819 Jesse Daniel & Littleton Daniel John Jean of Pulaski Co., GA M. Hart Vol. V, page 411 Sale of slaves - for $800 - two negroes - one named Agnes age 36 and the other Mahaliah age 1
6/7/1819 Randolph Roe Wiley Jean John Cha. Walden & Rebecah Walden Vol. W, page 83 Randolph Roe of Chatham to Wiley Jean of same - debt due - 100 acres on the waters of Reshiu (? Reahia ?) and Ready forks, for the sum of $20 - Randolph must pay the $20 on or before 25 Dec - proven Aug Session 1819 on oath of John C. Walden
8/27/1819 William Avent Jessey Daniel William Daniel Vol. W, page 180-181 William Avent of Chatham to Jessey Daniel of same, for $200 - a negro girl named Lydia - Proven Aug Session
12/27/1819 Thomas Bucham (Bashan?) & Mary Ragland Jesse Daniel Thos. Hill Vol. X, page 9 Thomas Bucham & Mary Ragland do release and aquit claim unto Jesse Daniel a certain negro Woman named Alss (or Also?) & her increase - the negro woman was sold by Betsy Buchaun to Jesse Daniel - Signed Thos. Buchann & Polly Ragland - Proven Feb Session 1820
1/21/1820 Joshua Holoday John Jean C. Guthrie & Isaac Richardson Vol. X., page 289-290 Waters of the Haw River on Reedy Branch Creek - est. to be 100 Acres more or less - Joshua Holoday of Chatham to John Jean of same - for $400 - tract of land in Chatham lying on both sides of Reedy Branch, borders McPhersons line and John Quakenbushes corner - Proven by oath of Isaac Richardson May Session 1821
4/14/1820 John Cha. Walden Wiley Jane Bartley Walden & Stephen Walden Vol. X, page 237 On Lick Creek - 100 Acres - the said John C Walden for and in consideration of the love a affection which he hath and have to his son in law, the said Wiley Jane, hath given and granted and by these present doth give and grant unto the said Wiley Jane, his heirs...........a certain parcel of land ........on Lick Creek at upper corner of said Walden field, adjoins Waldon line, Brown's line, and Lewis Hintons line.  100 acres. - Proven Feb Session 1821
11/1/1820 Jordan G. Stokes of Smith Co., TN Abner Harrington Deed—1 Nov 1820—Jordan G. STOKES, Smith Co., TN to Abner HARRINGTON, 134 ac on Lick Ck, Philip JONES, Archibald BROWN, WILSON, grant #1283.  Witness:  Wm SULLIVAN, A. CARLOSS.  (W:208)
9/3/1822 John Jane William Lindley A. Lindley & William Braxton Vol. Z, page 420 - 421 On Little Cane Creek - 100 Acres more or less - borders Curls corner, Alstons line, Wm. Braxton's line, and Aron Lindleys line - proven by A. Lindley Aug Term 1825 - $350
9/8/1823 John Jean William Braxton Wm. Lindley &   Aron Lindley Vol. Z, page 150 - 151 On Little Cane Creek - 223 Acres more or less - for $450 -  borders Lindleys Corner, Wm. Lindleys Corner, John Jeans corner & Wm. Lindleys line - proven by Wm. Lindley - Proven Feb session 1824
10/11/1823 David Passmore of Dixon Co., TN William Gean of Orange Co., NC James Earon, J.P. & Sterling Brewer, J.P. of Dickson Co., TN Vol. Z, page 282 David Passmore, now of Dixon County TN, Appoints his attorney William Jean of Orange County (power of attorney), to sell or whatever he sees fit to do with a tract of land lying in Chatham County, which the said William is now in possession or occupation of.  So It looks like he is saying William is from Orange, but now living on the land in Chatham. 
2/9/1824 William Cross & his wife Nancy Thomas Ragland B. Rollins & Alexander Carpenter Vol. Z, page 286 9th (?) Feb 1824 - William Cross and wife Nancy of Chatham & Thomas Ragland of same - for $80 - They sold to Thos. Ragland their right, title, interest or ?? in the lands desceded to them from the estate of Frederic Ragland, dec'd - and lying in Chatham on the waters of Cape Fear and Buck Horn Creek bounded by the lines of Robert Ragland, Polly Farrar & Alfred Buckhannon - quantitiy no known, the widow is Polly Ragland - Wit: B. Rollins and Alexr. Carpenter - Signed William Cross & Nancy Cross - She appeared in Court Aug 1824 to state her approval - Deed registered by oath of B. Rollins Oct 1824 Term
2/20/1824 John Jane William Lindley Abner Lantion (?) & Edw. Lindley Vol. Z, page 415 On Cane Creek - borders Lindley corner, Braxtons line, Lindleys line and John Braxtons line - proven by Edward Lindley Aug session 1825 - $150
2/25/1824 John Jean Frederic Williams Nathaniel Newlin, Junr. & Samuel Richardson Vol. Z, page 189 North side of Ready Branch Creek - 100 Acres more or less - adjoins William McPhersons line and John Quackenbushes - proven by Samuel Richardson May session 1824 - sold for $200
12/6/1824 Juliana Avent Wilie Jean Thos. Hill & Arch. Brown Vol. Z, page 293 For $20 - a negor slave named Charles - proven by oath of Thos. Hill at Feb Session 1825
12/1/1825 Julian Avent Abner Harrington Wm. Campbell & Andrew Brown Vol. AA, page 153 N. Side of Lick Creek - 20 Acres - $50 - Tract of land containing 20 acres of land lying in Chatham on the North side of Lick Creek - Beginning at a pine on my own NW corner of 200 acres of land granted to Philip Jean, No. 249 - Proven Nov 1826 by Oath of Andrew Brown
10/31/1826 Gilliam Daniel (male) Moses Attwater of Orange Co. Thos. Snipes & P. Willis Vol. AA, page 207 52 1/4 Acres - $52.25 for tract of land that borders Thrifts line, Brewers old line, a line called Attwaters line which is disputed by said Daniel - Proven on oath of Thomas Snipes - Feb 1827 Session
11/3/1829 Jarel Walden of Randolph Co. Henry Laurence Francis Drake & Thompson Laurance Vol. AB, page 287-288 Lick Creek & Roberts Creek - 100 Acres more or less - $300 - borders Matthew Watsons line, Wm. Utleys line, Fork field, up Lick Creek,  Roberts Creek - Proven by oath of Thompson Laurance Nov 1829 Term
9/23/1831 Wiley Jan (Jine) Thompson Lawrence Henry Lawrence & James Womack Vol. AC, page 157 On Lick Creek - can't make out acreage
Wiley Gean Jos. P. Parham Thomas J. Buchanan (?) Vol. AC, page 188 - 189 On Lick Creek - 171 Acres - for $275 - Joins the lands of George Brown & William Petty (Pittey?)
12/26/1831 Hardy Lasater Wiley Geane H. Lightfoot Vol. AC, page 214 On Lick Creek - 171 Acres - for $200 - joining the lands of George Brown & William Utley, borders intersection of Pattishalls 200 acres - Proven Feb 1832 Session
5/28/1834 Parrish Cross Deberry Chapman Geo. Luther Vol. AD, page 195 Goffs Creek - 140 Acres more or less, $125 - bounded by Andrew Coxes line, Coxes corner, Chapmans Corner, Chapmans line and Avents corner - Proven on oath of Geo. Luther Feb Term 1835
1/15/1835 Thomas Snipes William Gean Alfred Glosson Vol. AC, page 490 - 491 On the waters of Haw River - 280 acres more or less - for $675 - on the waters of Haw River to a mulberry tree, it being the dividing line between said William and his father, borders original line of Williams', Moutrey's (?) old line, and Martin's line - Proven May Session 1840
1/2/1836 William Jeans Jacob Hadley & Robert Love Hezekiah Henderson & Henry Rogers, Sr. Vol. AD, page 310 - 311 On Stinking Creek (on a branch of Deep River) - no mention of acerage - debt owed to Jacob Hadley - tract of land joining Solomon Brown & others
1/5/1836 William Gean John Neal & Edward R. Gean A. Gunter Vol. AD, page 305 No Land - Wm Gean of the first part & John Neal of the 2nd part & Edward R. Gean of the third part all of the county of Chatham and the state of NC.  Whereas Wm Gean is indebted to Edward R. Gean for $136.16 by note with interest.  Wm Gean is desirous to pay debt, and for the further consideration of one dollar to said Wm Geans, in hand, paid by the said John Neal, Wm Gean doth hereby grant, bargain, and sell one bay mare, 2 yrs old, one red cow (?), seven head of hogs, 500 # of pack four (flour?), feather beds, tables, and kitchen furniture of every kind to John (Johann?) Neal.
9/19/1836 Albert Gean John Neal Vol. AD, page 423 No Land - Albert Gean borrowed money on 16 Aug 1836 from John Neal for $40 – Wm & Spencer McClenehan posted security.
1/23/1837 Wm Gean, Sr. John Harman David Turner Vol. AD, page 511 Stinking Creek - 203 1/2 Acres - $175 - borders Browns corner, near Beavers (Browns?) Spring, Richard Johnston's corner, adjoins Thomas & others - Proven Feb Term 1837
2/10/1837 Kirk Brantley Matthew Wicker & William C. Stedman A. Stedman & J. Guion (?) Vol. AD, page 499-500 N. side of Deep River - 530 Acres more or less - Whereas Kirk Brantley is indebted to Mathew Wicker for debts in the about of $1000 - said Stedman paid $1 to Brantley (and the debt notes) for land lying on the North side of Deep River adjoining Jno. Horton, Brooks Harris and others - trust is due 1 Jan 1838 - Proven on oath of A. Stedman Feb 1837 Term
10/18/1837 Parrish Cross William Avent, Thomas Ragland, William Cross, Henderson Mimms, and Ruffin Prince of Chatham Co.; Burwell Rollings of Wake Co.; and George Pegram of Cumberland Co. & their successors Nath. Clegg & George Luther Vol. AE, page 97 In trust - $500 - tract of land beginning at an ash on William Cross' corner, adjoins Partridges line, corner of the church lot to be erected a Methodist Episcopal Church - Proven on oath of Nathaniel Clegg Nov Session 1837
10/19/1837 Parrish Cross Deberry Chapman Geo. Luther Vol. AE, page 100 Goff's Creek - 50 Acres more or less - for the love and affection Parrish has for Deberry Chapman and Polly his wife, he hath given a tract of land on Goff's Creek and bounded as follows, Henry C. Cross & Chapmans corner to Andrew Coxes line, and Chapmans line - Proven by oath of George Luther Nov 1837 Session
1/16/1838 John Harman William Jean Wesley Hanks Vol. AE, page 160 - 161 On Stinking Creek - 203 1/2 acres - for $196 - adjoins Richard Johnston's corner, Beavers corner and Beavers Spring - Proven on oath of Wesley Hanks May 1838 Session
1/23/1838 William Gean Solomon Brown Vol. AE, page 174 - 175 On Stinking Creek - for $400
1/29/1838 Edward R. Gean Britton Grose H.B. Mairs(?)  & William C. Thomas Vol. AE, page 126 On Rocky River - 90 Acres - for $150 - adjoins William L. (or S.) Stedman's corner, Leas line, Gilmores line, Harringtons line and Nathan A. Stedman's line - Proven by oath of H. M. Mairs Feb 1838 Term
5/7/1838 William C. Thomas Nathaniel Clegg & Albert Gean M. D. Carloss & William Pendergrass --                   A. Gunter is listed as a Test @ court when oath of witness was given Vol. AE, page 173 -174 On Stinking Creek - 35 1/2 acres more or less, plus one cow, all the stock of hogs together with the crop that is now growing - borders John Harmon & David Johson - Between William C. Thomas of the 1st part, Nathaniel Clegg of the 2nd part & Albert Gean trustee (It is inserted with an arrow) of the 3rd part.  All of Chatham Co., NC. Wittnesforth that the said William C. Thomas, justly indebted to Solomon Brown, dated 23 Mar last, payable 25 Dec 1838, with interest, from the dates.  Nathaniel Clegg security for $53.55 and whereas the said William C. Thomas is desirous to settle debt, in consideration and fifty cents to William C. Thomas, paid by Albert Gean, the said William C. Thomas doth grant, convey, sell unto the said Albert Gean a parcel of land lying on Stinking Creek adjoining the land of John Harmon, David Johnson and others - William C. Thomas to remain in possession of said items until such time as said note shall become due. - Proven 5 June 1838
9/3/1838 William Glosson William Jean John Blayliff               (? Blaycliff ?) Vol. AE, page 490 no mention of creek, river or acreage - 28 Acres more or less - for $115 - tract of land - widow Martins dower, Jeans line, and line of Martins heirs - Proven May Session 1840
3/23/1840 Richard Webster Sollomon Love Thos. J. Clark & Sidney Martin Vol. AF, page 221 Dry Creek - 108 Acres more or less - for $303 - on Dry Creek, borders Hezekiah Clarks line - Proven Aug 1842 Session
8/16/1841 Sollomon Love Robert Love Jacob Hadley & Edmond Perry Vol. AF, page 221-222 Dry Creek - 108 Acres more or less - for $300 - on Dry Creek, borders Hezekiah Clarks line - Proven Aug 1842 Session
3/25/1842 Albert Gean Oliver L. Burch & John A. Hanks J. C. Burk Vol. AF, page 167-168 Deed of Trust - Albert Gean of the 1st part, Oliver L. Burch of the 2nd part & John A. Hanks of the 3rd part, all of Chatham - whereas Albert owes John A. Hanks $39.56 due by note 25 Mar 1842 - Oliver L. Burch paid $1 and the debt, Albert Gean used peronsal property as collateral - 3 beds and furniture, 1 bay mare, 15 head of hogs, 2 cows and calves, 1 clock, 1 horse wagon - to have and to hold - Albert has until 1 Jan 1843 to pay the debt fo Oliver L. Burch, w/interest or said Burch can auction itesm to the highest bidder, after advertising auction for at least 20 days.
1/11/1845 William Glosson William Jean & William Glosson Chas. Doffeon  & Anderson Jean Vol. AZ, page 256 William Jean & William Glosson are deacons of the Lick Creek Church - 3 Acres - for $9 - William Glosson sold unto Jean and Glosson, as deacons of said church & their successors, a certain tract of land, lying in Chatham, and borders N. side of the Public Road in Webbs line, and Alfred Glossons shop (?) - {Land for Lick Creek Church} - Proven by oath of Chas. Dafferon in probate court 20 Jan (Jun?)1880
2/1848 Louisa Jeane, et. Al - heirs of William Gean, dec'd Mary Geane & Bird Geane Probate Records Anderson Gean, admin of William Gean, dec'd vs. Louisa Jeane & others, reported the sale of land to Mary & Bird Geane
7/18/1850 Land Grant Albert Jean Grants Register Book, page 62 Rocky Branch - 24.5 Acres - Land Grant Records of NC VOL 11 1778-1928  - This has Albert Jean getting 24.5 acres on Rocky Br. - land entered 18 July 1850 - joining Thos. Gunter, Jacksn Martin and Simon Webster, borders John A. Johnsons corner - Issue date was 3/17/1851.
11/5/1851 Thomas Gunter Albert Gean, Simon F. Webster & Olive Gunter J.J. Martin & Joseph Glosson Vol. AH, page 643-644 Rocky Branch - 181 Acres more or less - for $175 - Thomas Gunter doth sell, grant, etc. to Gean, Webster & Olive Gunter a certain tract of land on the waters of Rocky Branch, beginning at a  stake in Websters & Martins line to McQueens Road, borders Joseph Glossons corner, Joh. A. Johnsons line, to Albert Geans corner - Proven Feb 1852
8/11/1852 Mary Jean Bird Jean Henry B. Edwards & Calvin S. B. Jones Vol. AI, page 17 Mary Jean sold 80 acres for $100.00 to Bird Jean adjoining land owners: Calven S. B. Jones, John Andrews line, along the Martin line,  along the Baily line and Baily Russel line, to the heirs of Anderson Jean's line, and Calvin S. B. Jones line. - proven Aug 1852 Term
9/24/1852 Thomas Gunter Albert Gean W. S. Gunter &      W. S. Webster  (could be W.B.'s and not W.S's) Vol. AI, page 51-52 Rocky Branch - 181 acres more or less - for $150 - his interest in the balance of a tract of land on the waters of the Rocky Branch bounded by Martins line, McQueens Road, Joseph Glossons corner, including one half of the spring the other half on the south side & ??? Of land belongs to Joseph Glosson, borders John A. Johnsons line to Albert Geans line - Proven Nov Term 1852
9/30/1852 Albert Gean Gean (Jane) & Mary Gunter Joseph Glosson & Hardy Thomas Vol. AI, page 50 On the waters of the Rocky Branch - bouded as follows John A. Johnson's, to McQueens Road, to Joseph Glosson's corner - for $250 205 1\2 Acres more or less - Proven Nov 1852 Term
10/26/1852 Simon F. Webster Jane & Mary B. Gunter, daughters of Thomas Gunter Joseph Glosson Vol. AI, page 51 On the waters of Rocky Branch - 181 acres more or less - for the consideration of $1 - Simon Webster grants his right, title, interest and estate in the tract of land as follows:  lying on the waters of Rocky Branch, beginning at a stake in Websters & Martins line to the McQueen Road, Joseph Glossons corner, to the spring including one half of the spring to the road, to Joh. A. Johnsons line to Albert Geans corner - Proven Nov Term 1852
11/22/1855 Albert Gean Jehugh Boon Nathan Boon & Henry H. Harmon Vol. AM, page 212 On Harlands (or Harlans?) Creek - begins at David Cleggs corner on the Ramsey Road, along Peoples line - for $115 - 93 Acres more or less
9/13/1856 Bird Jean David Womble Robt. E. Rives & W.G. Harris Vol. AL, page 189 South Side of Deep River - 88 Acres -  adjoins land of Robert Rives.  {I think this is my Bird, as he lived in the lower regiment, and moved in 1856, don't you? (From Renee)} proven by oath of W. G. Harris 19 Sept 1859 - $350
4/26/1858 Albert Geane William P. Gean Neal Night & Zachariah Pattishall Vol. AG, page 570 120 Acres more or less - Albert Geane doth grant, sell, deliver and confirm unto the said William Geane all the estate right, title, interest, property claim whatsoever the said Albert Geane have a tract of land - borders David Clegg, S. W. Cottons corner, along Gulf Road - proven on oath of Zachariah Pattishall on 9 July 1858 - $600
4/26/1858 Isaac T. Brooks William P. Gean Vol. AK, page 489 Mortgage - Wm. P. Gean is indebted to the said Isaac T. Brooks for $260 w/interest - for "security" Wm granted a tract of land in Chaham on the Gulf Road near David Cleggs corner, to S. W. Cotton's corner, containing 120 Acres more or less - Proven 11 July 1858
4/16/1859 Heirs of William Jean, dec'd Calvin Jones Maurice Waddell, County Clerk Vol. AL, page 208 - 209 Heirs of William Jean petitioned the court to sell the land at a public sale -  98 1/2 acres for $699. to Calvin Jones (last and highest bidder).  Adjoins dowerland line, Mabrys (?) old line, and Marlins old corner.  Doesn't say who the heirs are. - Registered 15 Nov 1859
4/15/1868 William P. Gean Lucy J. Gean H. B. Johnson &                A. G. Johnson Vol. AS, page 69 - 70 On the Gulf Road - 120 Acres more or less - For $600 - on the Gulf Road, begins near David Cleggs corner and borders S.W. Cottens corner - Proven in probate court 9/5/1874 by A. G. Johnson
2/26/1870 Martisha & Martha A. Geans Robert Love Henry M. Love & Wm. G. Thomas Vol. AW, page 511 On the waters of the Haw River - this was heir mother Ann Thomas' dower lands - joins the lands of Robert Love, Jackson Cook & others - $100 for 40 Acres more or less - Proven in probate court by oath of Henry M. Love on 3 March 1879